안녕하세요! Welcome to my casual blog to keep record of what I watched and what I liked. I have been watching Korean Dramas since March 2019 when I saw Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix. From then, the love for kdramas has only grown and I am always looking for the next one to binge watch!

As I meet more Korean Drama fans, I find a lot of people asking me for recommendations. After seeing so many dramas, it got difficult to remember my thoughts on each one. So this blog was started to capture my opinion at the time and whether or not I recommend it!

Taste is very subjective. So read my reviews as just an opinion. For a frame of reference on the type of shows I do enjoy. I love a good romantic drama and cute love story. But I have difficulty with the ones where the female lead is weak and the lead is portrayed as an angry rude, borderline domestic violence protagonist. I also have always been fascinated with the law and have been enjoying the legal dramas to see how it is different in South Korea to America. Lastly, it might be the influence of always watching movies with my dad and my brother, but I do enjoy a Sci-Fi/Action drama when I’m feeling jaded with love and not into a romance.

I organize my rating into general categories of Must See, Add it to Your List, If You Got Nothing Else to Watch and Skip It. I find those general categories work better for me than a star or number system. Every drama has good and bad to it, but it’s the general over all feeling and enjoyability that matters to me and whether or not it is worth dedicating 16+ hours of your life! If you click the Rating: Must See tag, you can see a list of my favorite and most highly recommended dramas I’ve seen to date.

Let me know if you have a good rec and happy kdrama binging to you!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Kdrama Review

Twenty-Five Twenty-One was a well-told coming-of-age story. The plot moved along well through time and it really felt like we were transported back to 1998 South Korea or 2001 New York. The friendships and love line came secondary to the main message of having a dream and working hard to reach it. The acting was superb, especially by Kim Tae Ri.

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Thirty-Nine Kdrama Review

Thirty-Nine is getting categorized with the shows that I wish I enjoyed more, but it just didn’t quite work for me. Part of the problem is I went into it thinking it was a Korean version of Sex and the City.

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Clean with Passion for Now – Kdrama Review

I should have went with my gut after the first 4 episodes and dropped it. But I really didn’t want to start a 6th kdrama at the moment, so I stuck with it. At episode 9, I really wanted to drop it, but I told myself I came this far just keep going. From episode 11-16, I honestly was just half watching or fast forwarding to get myself through it. So, what went wrong for me?

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