Hello, This is my informal blog to keep record of what I watched and what I liked. I have been watching kdramas since March 2019 when I first watched Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix. I have binged so many now, I’m starting to forget them! As I find more and people asking me what to watch or if I liked a certain drama, I was finding my memory failing me. So this is my attempt to start to record it. Give me a little time as I transfer my google doc running list to this blog. I will try not to give any spoilers or give an alert if I do!

A little about my taste since I’m finding something I like isn’t what my friends like. So take my opinion as just that in the frame of the type of shows I enjoy. I do enjoy a good romantic drama and cute love story. But I have difficulty with the ones where the female lead is weak and the lead is portrayed as an angry rude, borderline domestic violence protagonist. I also have always been fascinated with the law and have been enjoying the legal dramas to see how it is different in South Korea to America. Lastly, it might be the influence of always watching movies with my dad and my brother, but I do enjoy a Sci-Fi/Action drama when I’m feeling jaded with love and not into a romance.

Legend of the Blue Sea – Kdrama Review

I really really wanted to like this drama, but it fell short for me. The beginning vibes of the drama made me feel like it was a mash up between Leonardo di Caprio’s Catch Me If You Can, Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the mega Kdrama blockbuster My Love from the Star.

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